Band Members:

Bill MacNamara - Vocals/Guitar

Ian Kenny - Bass/Vocals

Conor O'Malley - Guitar

Colm O'Neill - Drums

Band Bio:

Cirque are a hard rock band with funk influences from Co. Kildare, Ireland. The band started in 2008. Drummer Colm O'Neill and guitarist Bill MacNamara first jammed in Colm's garage and said they would ask a couple of friends if they wanted to start a band. The origional line up included Seán Curley from Purple Current and Adam Kelleher of Ascending from the Ashes with Bill and Colm, but Seán and Adam had other priorities, so Bill and Colm went looking for new members. They asked Ian Kenny if he wanted to jam with them. Ian impressed them from the first jam and was asked to join permanantly. Conor O'Malley was asked after a conversation with Bill after he found out Conor played guitar. The band spent a few months looking for a singer and eventually decided to let Bill and Ian share the vocal duties on different songs.

Ian Kenny

Bill MacNamara

Colm O'Neill

 Conor O'Malley

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